Use Azure Private Endpoints to Restrict Public Access to WebApps – Part 1: Understanding Private Endpoints As an Azure administrator or architect, you are sometimes asked the question: “How can we safely deploy internal business applications to Azure App Services?” These applications characteristically:  Are not accessible from the public internet.Are accessible from within the on-premises corporate networkAre accessible via an authorized VPN client from outside the corporate network. For such... Continue Reading →

Use Azure Private Endpoints to Restrict Public Access to WebApps – Part 2: How to Secure Web Applications with Private Endpoint

In the following sections, we will configure a Private Endpoint for an App Services Web App We will follow the below steps  Create a Site-to-Site VPN Create Virtual Network in AzureCreate a Resource GroupCreate a Virtual NetworkCreate Virtual Network GatewayCreate Local Network GatewayCreate ConnectionsCreate App Services WebAppCreate App Service PlanCreate App Services WebAppCreate Private Endpoint in... Continue Reading →

Manage Identity and Access in Azure AD – Part 1

Understanding Security, Responsibility, and Trust in Azure Security, Responsibility, and, Trust in AzureDownload Introduction This is part 1 of the Managing identity and access in Azure Active Directory in the 4 part series and this module focuses on understanding the security, responsibility and trust in Azure. This module is mostly theoretical, which forms the... Continue Reading →

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Part 2: Automate Azure Tasks Using PowerShell

Download PDF: AutomateAzuretasksusingscriptswithPowerShell-VAT Creating PowerShell scripts is a very powerful way to optimize administrative tasks and workflow. Using Azure PowerShell, you can automate common, repetitive tasks. As an Azure Administrator, it is recommended that you have a hands-on working with PowerShell commands and creating scripts. This is Part 2 of the Manage resources in Azure... Continue Reading →

Data Obfuscation in Kusto Query Language

One of the facts about the Azure Data Explorer Cluster is that the system tracks all the queries and stores them for telemetry and analysis purposes and, therefore, this data is available for the cluster owner to view. There may be a condition where your query contains sensitive data, such as passwords, contact details, SSN... Continue Reading →

Understanding Microsoft Azure Storage

Azure Storage understanding As the name suggests, Microsoft Azure Storage is a cloud storage solution from Microsoft. It provides a highly scalable storage solution for objects, file system, messaging, and tables, which is non-relational. Azure Storage is: Highly available and durable. Azure storage ensures that customers data is safe and available in the events... Continue Reading →

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