What are Managed Identities for Azure Resources?

The basic and most common problem for the developers is to manage and secure the credentials and other application related secrets within their code when they are building cloud- native, mission-critical applications. Although there could be number of uses, but generally these credentials are used for authenticating the application to other cloud services and connectivity... Continue Reading →

Understand and Configure Public DNS Zone for Hosting your Domain in Azure

Want to understand and implement Azure DNS and host your domain name in Azure? Well Azure DNS let’s you do exactly that. With Azure DNS, you can host your domain in Azure and you can manage it as you would do with other Azure Services. What is DNS? Before we begin with Azure DNS, let... Continue Reading →

Understand and Configure Azure Private DNS Zone for Custom Domain Names

Do you want to use custom domain names for your  workloads on azure rather than using the default FQDNs or you can say the domain names provided by Azure? Private DNS Zones provides name resolutions for the workloads within the virtual network and between the virtual networks and allows to tailor the virtual networks that... Continue Reading →

Understand and Implement Azure Sentinel for Security Analysis and Threat Intelligence

There are so many Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools available in the market today, but they all lack modern capabilities to integrate with different data sources simultaneously in order to help investigate, analyze, and respond to the insights and take appropriate actions as per the results after the analysis. This is where Azure... Continue Reading →

Working with the Desired State Configuration using Azure Automation

As Azure Administrator you might be having the responsibility to handle the data center with thousands of servers, where you wish to quickly and easily enable scalability from a central, secure location, or wish to assign them declarative configuration in order to enable compliance with the desired state as per the organizational policies. This is... Continue Reading →

Protect your virtual machines by using Azure Backup

Introduction to Azure Backups https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRNTh-XnnyI What is Azure backup? It’s a cloud-based backup solution that provides simple, secure, and cost-effective solutions to back up your data and recover it from the Microsoft Azure cloud. Although, cloud-native, it is also possible to use Azure Backup on-premises. As already mentioned, Azure Backup is simple to configure and... Continue Reading →

Manage Identity and Access in Azure AD – Part 1

Understanding Security, Responsibility, and Trust in Azure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Im1wtydyrU Security, Responsibility, and, Trust in AzureDownload Introduction This is part 1 of the Managing identity and access in Azure Active Directory in the 4 part series and this module focuses on understanding the security, responsibility and trust in Azure. This module is mostly theoretical, which forms the... Continue Reading →

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