Manage Identity and Access in Azure AD – Part 1

Understanding Security, Responsibility, and Trust in Azure


This is part 1 of the Managing identity and access in Azure Active Directory in the 4 part series and this module focuses on understanding the security, responsibility and trust in Azure. This module is mostly theoretical, which forms the basis for the rest of the course in this Azure AD series.

In this module we will first discuss on the Layered approach to security, where we will discuss on the Defense in Depth strategy, which is related to employing series of mechanism at each layer to slow the attack aimed at getting access to the information or the data, which is not intended to be accessed. So this is all in all 7 layered approach.

We will then discuss on how we can utilize the Azure Security Center to get the security tips. It is actually the monitoring service that providing protection against threat not just for the services in Azure, but also on-premises. It provides the security recommendations based on how it has been configured.

We will then discuss on the authentication and authorization in Azure with the Identity and Access management. We will try to understand the Azure AD and the services it provides. Here we will also discuss on the additional level of security using MFA, which is the Multi Factor Authentication

This will be followed by understanding the data encryption, which of course you will acknowledge is the most valuable asset for an organization.

Finally, we will finish off this module by understanding the security considerations for the app lifecycle management , which is through the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle whose job is to introduce the security and privacy considerations during all phases of app development process.

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