Azure DNS Private Resolver: A Guide to Secure and Efficient DNS Resolution on Azure

As businesses move towards the cloud, it's essential to have secure and efficient DNS resolution services. Azure DNS Private Resolver is one such service offered by Microsoft Azure, which allows businesses to resolve domain names within their virtual networks. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of Azure DNS Private Resolver, its features, and how... Continue Reading →

Azure Automation: Understanding the what and why of using Azure cloud-based automation service

As an Azure Administrator you might be having the responsibility to handle the data center with thousands of servers, where you wish to quickly and easily enable scalability  from a central, secure location, or wish to assign them declarative configuration in order to enable and meet compliance with the desired state as per the organizational... Continue Reading →

Configuring Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Prerequisites for configuring Azure AD PIM One aspect that you need to understand before you can enable and use Azure AD PIM is it’s licensing part. So, to use Azure AD PIM, you need to have either the Azure AD Premium P2 license or EMS E5 license, but how would you decide as to how... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Azure AD Privileged Identity Management

Overview You would agree that in today’s world, Data is the key, and security is the topmost concern for every organization. It nearly is impossible to properly analyze and resolve high volumes of security alert generated by the systems in order to smartly combat and respond to the increasingly sophisticated attacks. Businesses today are spending... Continue Reading →

Understanding Tenants and Subscriptions in Azure

When you get started with any technology, it initially becomes difficult to understand the terms involved and that creates a confusion. Similarly, when you get started with Azure, you will definitely come across the terms that might be a little confusing and it’s prudent to have a good understanding of those key terms before you... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Defender for Cloud – Quick Overview

For organizations, security is their topmost concern. One of the security aspects is the security of data and other online intellectual properties. Organizations need to ensure that these are appropriately safeguarded from threats, and for this, enterprises are heavily investing, both in terms of time and money. The IT department within the organization has the... Continue Reading →

What are Managed Identities for Azure Resources?

The basic and most common problem for the developers is to manage and secure the credentials and other application related secrets within their code when they are building cloud- native, mission-critical applications. Although there could be number of uses, but generally these credentials are used for authenticating the application to other cloud services and connectivity... Continue Reading →

Understand and Configure Public DNS Zone for Hosting your Domain in Azure

Want to understand and implement Azure DNS and host your domain name in Azure? Well Azure DNS let’s you do exactly that. With Azure DNS, you can host your domain in Azure and you can manage it as you would do with other Azure Services. What is DNS? Before we begin with Azure DNS, let... Continue Reading →

Understand and Configure Azure Private DNS Zone for Custom Domain Names

Do you want to use custom domain names for your  workloads on azure rather than using the default FQDNs or you can say the domain names provided by Azure? Private DNS Zones provides name resolutions for the workloads within the virtual network and between the virtual networks and allows to tailor the virtual networks that... Continue Reading →

Understand and Implement Azure Sentinel for Security Analysis and Threat Intelligence

There are so many Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools available in the market today, but they all lack modern capabilities to integrate with different data sources simultaneously in order to help investigate, analyze, and respond to the insights and take appropriate actions as per the results after the analysis. This is where Azure... Continue Reading →

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